Supplying Files

How to supply print ready artwork : 

We support all professional graphics programs either from a Mac or PC.

Files that we accept are .ai, .bmp, .eps, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .psd, .rar, .zip

Artwork needs to be a large high quality print ready file at least 300dpi at final size.

Just upload your files when ordering your product.

If your file happens to be too large feel free to email it through after your order is placed.

When emailing your files, please make an .sit or .zip of your files.
This compresses the files into one archive for emailing.


Just use our enquiry form or email us. 


If creating or using images in a program like Adobe Photoshop, your files should be at least 300dpi at final print size.
You can check this in Photoshop via the Image menu then the Image Size option.


For offset printing we require all files to be supplied in CMYK.
This represents Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.
RGB is Red Green and Blue and is the colour space for on screen viewing.

File Formats

We love to receive your artwork as a high resolution PDF.
However if you can't supply a PDF - the just send us one of the following formats.
Indesign, Illustrator, Freehand, QuarkXpress, High Res JPG, TIF, EPS or PSD (Photoshop)
Microsoft Publisher or Word files are not offset print ready files, and a conversion fee may apply.


All artwork supplied requires 3mm bleed beyond the trim size of your job.
So if you're ordering a 100x100mm Sticker, your artwork should be setup at 106x106mm
The extra 3mm on each side gets trimmed off in the printing process.

If your software allows, please place a 1pt cutline where you would like your sticker cut, and ensure that the artwork is in the centre of the PDF file.
We only need a cutline, no colour bars or page information are required.

Also, any text should be kept 3mm inside the trim size, this will ensure that your stickers are produced to the highest standard.

Head over to our templates page for a range of downloadable pdf files you can place in your editing software which show the trim, bleed and safe areas for artwork.

What is a "Ready to print" file?

Our prices are based on you supplying us with a file "Ready to print".
This means that no alteration or further work is required. We simply place your finished artwork on our print run.
The best file format to supply us with is a PDF. This format includes all fonts, images and what you see on your screen is what we get to print.

Things to check when sending us your PDF file:

Has it got bleed and a cutline?
Is it high resolution - do all images appear in high quality when viewed at full screen size?
Is it just one-up?  You just need to send us a single image - we'll do the rest!